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Our Story

We, the founders of YouMeMontessori are a team of partners who want to explore with you how to best raise and educate a child so that he/she can reach the heights of achievement not only academically, but as a human being.

Grace Bosman is a Montessori Directress (teacher) at a Montessori early years centre in Kuwait. she is passionate about what she does and firmly believes in the benfits and wisdom of the Montessori Method, which she follows faithfully.

Leon Caesar is a high school teacher in an inclusive school. He developed an interest in the Montessori Method, that developed in a hobby, which became a passion and now it is a lifestyle.

[Leon is the author of Timecrunch: The Trails of Death, a philosophical novelabout both the ugliness and beauty of humanity. You can read it for free below.]

Timecrunch: The Trails of Death

Mustafa Hassan is a higher level educator in an inclusive school, and passionate about developing educational methods that actually work. He brings to the project his unique talents in the fields of education, technology and business.

The three of us endeavour to bring to you – teachers, parents, prospective parents, grandparents and student teachers – theoretical insights, results from experience, practical resources, authentic equipment and materials, and many other benefits that meet the higher standards of quality.