A most excellent study was published in which a very serious, thorough, and balanced attempt was made to count the number of Montessori schools globally. A report of the study was published in the Fall edition of the Journal of Montessori Research, in 2022 (Vol 8 Issue 2). You can find the link below.

A Research Team of the Highest Pedigree
Mira C. Debs, Yale University Jaap de Brouwer, Saxion University of Applied Sciences Angela K. Murray, University of Kansas Lynne Lawrence, Megan Tyne, and Candice von der Wehl , Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

About the Methodology
A known fact about the Montessori Movement is that there are many schools out there who are Montessori only in name. Furthermore, the definition of what constitutes a Montessori school differs according to local nuances. This situation is of course a huge headache for anybody counting Montessori schools. The research team worked around this issue very nimbly. They created an acceptable definition of what their study would regard as a Montessori school. With the collaboration of the esteemed AMI, they had the best people with them for this purpose. In addition, they followed an organic approach by working closely with regional and national Montessori organizations. They also analyzed the relevant work of leading international Montessori Organizations and conducted a wide literature review on the topic. The research team was very conservative, preferring to err on the side of undercounting, rather than the opposite.

Basic Findings
So what did they come up with? Remember, this was published as recently as last year, so it is the best current estimate. We share the basic information here and will return to this study soon.

Total Number of Countries With Montessori Schools:154
Global Total of Montessori Schools: 15,763
Percentage of Schools in the Public Sector: 9%

Top Ten Countries With Montessori Schools:

  1. United States (3,025)
  2. China (1,100)
  3. Thailand (1,000)
  4. Germany (1,000)
  5. Canada (900)
  6. Tanzania (800)
  7. Russian Federation (750)
  8. United Kingdom (700)
  9. Poland (600)
  10. South Africa (450)

We find this report extremely useful and we think it is a great service for educators, researchers, and parents.

Source: Global Diffusion of Montessori Schools: A Report From the 2022 Global Montessori Census