Please enjoy this 3rd post on the research paper on the 2022 Global Montessori Census. The full name of the paper is, Global Diffusion of Montessori Schools: A Report from the 2022 Global Montessori Census. In this post we delve into the research results concerning government-funded Montessori schools globally.

Previously we shared the following key data from the paper:
Total Number of Countries With Montessori Schools: 154
Global Total of Montessori Schools: 15,763
Percentage of Schools in the Public Sector (government-funded): 9%
Top Ten Countries With Montessori Schools: USA, China, Germany, Thailand, etc.

According to the paper, “ the United States, Thailand, the Netherlands, and India have the largest number of government-funded or public Montessori programs.” Nine per cent of the total comes to a total of 1,419 schools.

The report does not give a breakdown of the countries, except the USA (579 schools). This figure for the USA is fully in line with our reporting in various posts and on our YouTube Channel.
We reached out to the research team for this information, and we are very pleased to state that Dr. Mira Debs, Corresponding Author of the research team, was very kind to reply to our request. She shared with us their breakdown of the countries that have government-funded schools. In the covering email, she stated “Please see the attached document for our estimate of the 21 countries with government funded Montessori programs, as well as notes about the source and reliability of our data”.
Dr. Debs pointed out very clearly that this is an estimate, a point we explained in our first post on the census when we explained the methodology used to compile it, but we would like to underscore that explanation with a statement by Dr. Debs in her email, “ As we note in the paper, we were often triangulating information from multiple, conflicting sources”. The research team was very careful not to overstate any numbers, therefore we accept their results, which we know are conservative.
Furthermore, she added something in her email that warmed the cockles of our hearts, namely that AMI is planning a global census in the future. The 2022 Global Census certainly is an excellent milestone in the journey towards a sustainable and live global census of Montessori schools.

Top Ten Countries By Public Montessori Schools

USA: 579
Thailand: 266
Netherlands: 223
Russia: 100
India: 100
Colombia: 40
Canada: 31
Poland: 20
New Zealand: 17
China/Bulgaria: 15

There is no surprise regarding the top spot occupied by the USA, but there are many surprises in this list. One would have expected China to feature much stronger, and the East European countries are positive surprises. But by far the most surprising finding of the census, is the fact that Italy, the homeland of Maria Montessori, has only 1 public Montessori school.

We eagerly await the future global census to be brought out by AMI, and we are sure that the picture will be very different then, as the Montessori Movement is on a growth trajectory worldwide

Once again, our appreciation to Dr. Mira Debs for getting back to us. To contact the research team, you can find Dr Debs’ email address in the research paper; we share the link below.

Research Paper: Global Diffusion of Montessori Schools: A Report From the 2022 Global Montessori Census